Boston to NYC Movers

Boston to NYC Movers

There are a few important considerations when moving from Boston to NYC - the first being finding dependable, trustworthy long distance movers.  Here is a quick list of moving hacks for finding the best movers for your move from Boston to NYC:

1. Find Flat Rate Movers - Flat rate long distance movers are movers that will give you a flat rate price for your long distance move from BOS to NYC.  The last think you will need are additional surprises at the offload of your move.  

2. Find Movers Who Provide Insurance Certificates - This is not the time to hire a moving company that doesn't have experience moving in Boston and NYC.  Every good mover knows that there is a 99% chance you will need an insurance certificate with your apartment's management company listed as an additionally insured in NYC.  Recently, luxury apartment and condo buildings in Boston have been adopting similar practices.  

3.  Find Movers with actual physical locations in Massachusetts and New York.  Therefore, if anything should happen - you will have a contact in your state - and it will be easier to come to an agreement should the need arise.  It is generally easier to mediate with a moving company that operates in your state as they will have a reputation to keep. Monster Movers has a location in Boston and NYC as does Gentle Giant.

boston to NYC movers

4.  Boston to NYC Moving Company Reviews ( The Lowdown) - Everyone knows that you cannot trust all review sites and moving company review sites are no different.  There are moving company review sites actually owned by moving companies ( you can look up which ones).  Some review sites are paid which are usually not as trustworthy as site that provides third party, verified reviews.  We recommend MOVERS NEAR ME if you are looking for a list of real moving companies that are verified. The movers on that list cannot buy leads or pay to be featured. 

5.  Average Moving Rates from Boston to NYC Movers - The average cost of moving from Boston to NYC should be within these ranges:

Studio: $1100-$2000
1 Bedroom: $1500-$2300
2 Bedroom: $2000-$3000
3 Bedroom: $2700-$4000
4+ Bedroom: $3500+

These average moving rates from Boston to NYC are very broad.  Long distance moving rates are based per pound which should be approximately $.30-$.50 per pound to go from Boston to NYC or NYC to Boston.

6.  Find Boston to NYC movers that don't charge additional fees.  These fees include shuttle fee, taxes, tolls, fuel charge, mileage charge, etc.

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