Looking for NYC to Boston Movers? We have some moving help for you before you head out on the road where you can easily hop on I-95 and to Boston.  Please read all of our helpful tips below on how to plan your move from NYC to Boston whether you are moving a few boxes for a full home.



When researching movers from NYC to Boston, it’s important that you take the time to seek out expert movers that can aid you in the moving process. If you find yourself preparing for a New York to Boston move, you need the best long distance movers to assist you in the process. Not only should you look for  highly trained with years of experience, but some other really important considerations before hiring long distance movers:


1. Check the owner - many scam movers from NYC to Boston have owners that are not even in the US. Should something go wrong - you will have no way to get any retribution. Always search the owners first and last name with their city or the word court.  That way you can find any charges they may have had against them. A prime example of this is Poseidon Moving owner Oleg Rameyev. You can see he has an assault with dangerous weapon and assault and battery on a police officer! 

2. Age of the company - lots of fly-by-night movers have multiple moving companies that they and their friends own and they just shut them down and open a new one - all while claiming they have "been in business" for years. Look for movers that have really been in business - that you have heard of. The best NYC to Boston Movers have locations in both areas should something go awry.

3. Many movers have fake reviews these days - yes, even on google! It is best to check MOVERS NEAR ME where moving companies cannot pay for reviews or to be featured. r belongings will be handled with the utmost care and respect. Any item entrusted to our team of New York to Boston movers will be packed securely and delivered in the same condition it was loaded onto our truck. 

Best Long Distance Movers

Remember, your NYC to Boston Movers should always include the following in their move:
  •  Loading/Unloading
  •  Transportation
  •  Fuel, mileage, and tolls
  •  Shrink Wrap and Tape
  •  No hidden fees for stairs, elevator, etc.
  •  Furniture protection
  •  Moving insurance
  •  Friendly service
  •  GPS tracking system
  •  Advanced Technology
  •  Professional Staff
  •  Free Estimates
  •  Competitive Moving Rates
  •  Licensed and  Insured
  •  No third party affiliation
Monster Movers can help with your Boston/NYC move

Being that our team of movers understand all of the nuances of long distance moves, the best choice for a  move from New York to Boston is  Our movers are well-accustomed to driving from one state to the next with efficiency, keeping your personal items secured every step of the way. Find out more about long distance movers.

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